VAMI, Who are we?

Victorian Association Of Microbreweries Inc

With over 32 microbreweries currently operating, and many new ones in the beer lines, Victoria is at the forefront of craft beer production in Australia. With an ever expanding base of beer lovers that are driving demand, the quality and range of craft beer is rapidly expanding and challenging people to try something different. This interest in craft beer is not only making it possible for so many microbreweries to get started but also for the many specialist bars and retailers to get behind microbrewed beer, creating a vibrant industry. Victoria is unique in that so many of the microbreweries are open to the public, so it is possible to travel all over Victoria visiting microbreweries and seeing the passion of the craft brewers at work. The Victorian Association of Microbreweries Inc publishes “The Beer Lovers Guide To Victoria’s Microbreweries”. Now in its fourth edition, this booklet is a fantastic resource for the beer lover. The main focus of the Victorian Association of Microbreweries Inc for many years has been pushing for excise reform. We have twice commissioned economic modelling by an analyst and organised numerous lobbying missions to Parliament House in Canberra. It’s going to be a long slog but we remain adamant that change needs to happen so that the Australian microbrewing movement can get out of survival mode and start to grow sustainably and create more enjoymentand regional tourism attractions along the way.

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