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Membership Categories

The association has four categories of membership.

  • Full Membership
  • Industry Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Associate Membership

The subscription year runs from July to June, and fees are payable in June.  New membership subscriptions are payable on application, and may be prorated from January – ie new members in Jan-June pay ½ annual subscription.

Full Membership – $200 per year

Full Members are Directors, Managers, Proprietors, or Nominees of a commercially focused Microbrewery, located in Victoria with a brew length less than 3,500 litres. The microbrewery must use mashing production techniques, hold an excise license and not be publicly owned (i.e. not a public company either listed or unlisted).

Full members are able to attend meetings and are able to participate in discussions, and vote (one vote per brewery).  They are also entitled to attend forums and other VAMI events.   Full members also have access to VAMI Quality Assurance Programs.  Full members receive the monthly newsletter.

Industry Membership – $100 per year

Industry Members are individuals or organisations who are professionally involved in the microbrewing industry in Victoria.  Typically, industry members are people who produce beer under contract or people who are in the process of establishing a microbrewery.   Industry members may also be breweries who do not conform to the requirements for full membership – ie a brewery with a brew length greater than 3,500L, or a publicly owned company.

We also encourage other individuals or organisations to apply, such as wholesalers or retailers of microbrewed beer.

Industry members are able to attend meetings and are encouraged to participate in discussions. They are also entitled to attend forums and other VAMI events.

All Industry Membership applications will be considered by the committee on their merits.

Corporate Membership – $300 per year

Corporate Members are individuals or organisations who provide goods and services to the microbrewing industry.

Corporate Members shall be promoted to the membership as ‘preferred suppliers’, and will have the opportunity to present talks at the Forums, to provide information about their goods and services to members. Corporate members receive the monthly newsletter

Associate Membership – $35 per year

Associate members are typically individuals who have an active interest in the microbrewing industry.  Associate members may be students, people employed or seeking employment in the brewing industry, home brewers etc.

Associate Members are able to attend Industry Forums, be informed of any other industry events.


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