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The Stamp of Authenticity – Buy Local, Drink Local
The Victorian Microbreweries Association launches a campaign to help beer drinkers to buy local and support independent craft breweries.

The craft beer scene in Australia has exploded with new breweries, new brands and an ever-expanding range of quality beers, driven by a growing base of consumers with a thirst for something different.

The success of the craft beer scene across Australia has seen new drinkers flood to the category seeking new flavours and experiences from local, independent breweries. Consumers are voting with their dollars, with the craft beer category the only section of the market in positive growth.

Determined to help consumers sort out exactly what they are seeing on shelf, the Victorian Association of Microbreweries Inc (VAMI) has launched a campaign to help fans of locally brewed products easily identify craft beers from local, independent microbreweries. Called the Stamp of Authenticity, the easily identifiable graphic is designed to help craft beer fans in Victoria pick out verifiably local products. The state is at the forefront of craft beer production in Australia, and VAMI is dedicated to promoting local, independent microbreweries that are currently operating. Now, when customers spot the Stamp of Authenticity or visit, they will be able to identify truly local, and legitimately independent craft beers.

As well as including strategic labelling, the project has a fully functional website to help both existing fans and those new to the craft beer category stay up to date with craft breweries from around the state. Victoria is unique in that so many microbreweries are open to the public, with 70 per cent located in regional areas. It is entirely possible to travel all over Victoria visiting microbreweries and trying a vast array of small batch brews – something VAMI is encouraging through the campaign to help consumers recognise truly local products.

VAMI The Victorian Association of Microbreweries Inc is all about supporting independent microbreweries across the state. Members of the association are all small, independent breweries that run their own brewing operations – often in amazing picturesque tourist locations, or accessible Melbourne suburbs. VAMI seeks to further the cause of craft beer by actively encouraging visitors to explore a brewery’s on site offerings – think amazing food matched to boutique beers – as well encouraging them to search out local products in bottleshops, bars and pubs.

The Campaign
The Victorian Association of Microbreweries Inc has previously published The Beer Lovers Guide To Victoria’s Microbreweries. The booklet has always been a fantastic resource for beer lovers, and well received by both the industry and consumers alike. Now, to make the information more accessible to a wider range of consumers, the booklet has been transformed in an extensive website, tied in with the Stamp of Authenticity, offering resources for those wishing to visit Victorian microbreweries as well as learn a little more about the brewers and breweries that produce the fantastic array of local craft beers currently on the market. The stamp itself can be found on beers produced by Victorian microbreweries that are passionate about handcrafting their own beer range. The campaign also extends to posters and flyers, which will be on display in bottleshops, bars and pubs that support local craft beer, as well as in Tourism Victoria outlets around the state.

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